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Hemostasis with topical clotting agents 

By Nikolaj Nerup, MD, PhD and Peter Olsen Svenningsen, MD 


There are several topical clotting products on the market, with varying costs, and only a small fraction are shown in this chapter: 

Tachosil ™ (Takeda, Japan) is a collagen sponge derived from horse tendons, coated with human fibrinogen and thrombin. Patients with hypersensitivity to human blood products or horse proteins are not good candidates for this product.  


Veriset ™(Covidien/Medtronic, US) is a hemostatic patch that is free of human or animal components and consists of a reactive polyethylene glycol that adheres to the bleeding site, combined with a oxidized cellulose and trilysine layer that absorbs the blood and acts as a tamponade.  


Surgicel ™ (Ethicon, US) is a loose knit structured material, also free of human or animal components. It consists of oxidized regenerated cellulose.  All of the above products can be used both laparoscopic and in open surgery.   

Ensure hemostasis by the use of topical clotting agents

Ensure hemostasis by the use of topical clotting agents

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